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"Ruby on Rails is a free web application framework designed to make web development faster, simpler and more efficient. Often shortened to Rails, or RoR. Ruby on Rails is written in the Ruby programming language." More on Wikipedia...

Rails-like ActiveRecord in Aptana Jaxer to come

We can read some interesting things about the future of Aptana Jaxer in a blog post from Paul Colton (CEO of Aptana) announcing the hiring of Ajax gurus Greg Murray and Ryan Johnson. Apart from the fact that the Jaxer 1.0 release candidate will be available in a matter of days, we also learn that Jaxer will support "ActiveRecord-like JavaScript ORM for Jaxer that promises to make working with JavaScript data a pleasure".

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Fabio Cevasco is taking us on a tour of which focuses on providing a better interface to Rails documentation by offering two key features : a powerful, fast and useful document search and the possibility to add notes to Rails documentation.
Rails is extremely powerful and I share Fabio's view when he says "When you decided to learn Ruby on Rails (if you did, that is), chances are that you bought a book. I did, too, actually: there are a lot of very interesting and fairly comprehensive books out there after all. I actually never bought a book to learn PHP, in the past though. Why’s that? Well, for two simple reasons: the PHP manual can easily be searched and provides enough documentation, in most cases and when the documentation is not enough, there’s always plenty of comments by experienced developers to save your day."

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Give little names to your pet SQL queries with Rails 2.1

I don't know about you but every time some news come out about Ruby on Rails, I'm saying to myself: "there is no way this can be any better that it already is". And every time, they manage to find a way to impress me.
This time around, Ryan Daigle talks about the new named_scope feature in his "What's New in Edge Rails: Has Finder Functionality" article.

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