Congratulation WebKit for being the first to pass the Acid3 Test

Not happy to have the fastest JavaScript engine of any web browser thanks to SquirrelFish Extreme, Safari just hit the 100/100 bar of the Acid3 test. "Acid3 is a test page from the Web Standards Project that checks how well a web browser follows certain web standards, especially relating to the DOM and JavaScript". Congratulations!

"Today we would like to announce that WebKit is the first browser engine to fully pass Acid3. A while back, we posted that we scored 100/100 and matched the reference rendering. Now, thanks to recent speedups in JavaScript, DOM and rendering, we have passed the third condition, smooth animation on reference hardware".
This is an extremely good thing for everyone as the test, as controversial as it may be, helps browser implementors hit a common goal on rendering, speed and smoothness.
Who will be the second one to pass the test ? According to the Acid3 wikipedia page, Opera is not that far...

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