Google is actively pushing Chrome by providing a download link from the home page

Chrome download from Google home pageUp until now, the Google home page was meant to be as lite as possible. It only contained one image with the Google logo, some links to other Google tools, services and legal information. But that has changed recently as a new prominent image appeared to publicize the Google Chrome web browser. And this is quite huge as the overall advertisement's size is almost the same as the biggest element on the Google's home page: Google's logo itself!

With a search engine market share well over 90% in some countries, Google is taking a huge step by making a commitment and stating that users of the search engine should also use the Chrome web-browser. Chrome is a < a href="">Webkit based web-browser with a fast Javascript engine and some nice concepts such as independent process for each tab and innovative user interface.

Let's see how the Chrome's usage number will evolve in the future but I'm quite sure they'll get a huge boost from this campaign. It also remains to be seen whether this is a limited time advertisement or if we should get accustomed to the prominent Chrome advertising... until we finally switch, that is!

Chrome download from Google home page

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