April 2008

Code documentation is all there is to happiness

You might be tempted to think like I did when I coded older web sites: "why would I want to spend my time documenting some pretty easy lines of code instead of developing tons of greater and funnier features ? That's pure nonsense and a huge waste of time for a simple web site!"
I couldn't be more wrong as there are a lot of benefits to documenting your code. It doesn't take that long and it might even be fun if you use the right tools.

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Welcome !

Web And Say: All we have to say about the Web!
This web site will be about the web and all there is around it. The technologies behind the web, the news and people surrounding it, well... anything even remotely related to the web will have a part in webandsay.com

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Bienvenue !

Web And Say: Tout ce que nous avons à dire sur le Web!
Ce site Internet sera à propos du Web et de tout ce qui l'entoure. Les technologies qui le propulsent, les nouvelles et les personnes qui y participent, en fait... tout ce qui est lié même de très loin au Web aura sa place dans webandsay.com

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