Design Showcase Of Creative Online-Shops

So you are building an online shop, and you'd like your visitors to find the ordering process as enjoyable as possible. Smashing Magazine is helping you getting inspired in their latest article showcasing 45 creative online-shops. "Being creative doesn't necessarily mean that the designs are successful as well since unconventional approaches often increase the time users need to climb the learning curve and figure out how they can achieve their goals. Still, how can you present your products in a distinctive way and how to design a truly unique online-store? Let’s find out.".

  • Feel the Power - Actually, Feel the Power sells t-shirts and underwear — just like thousands of other online-stores out there. However, the site is completely Flash-based and offers its visitors a beautiful and attractive navigation via an animated wheel. One click opens a large preview of the selected product. Although Flash is used, the navigation is extremely easy and simple. Apparently, music in the background is supposed to create a good mood.
  • uShops - uShops welcomes its visitors with a price tag which is supposed to communicate the idea of the site — the online marketplace to buy and sell stuff.
  • Nerve - Nerve is an Ajax-based music store with vibrant colors, nifty JavaScript-effects and beuatiful hover effects. Nice and memorable design.

Find out all the 45 design showcase in the Smashing Magazine list.

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