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Introducing for your web development needs

We are glad to announce the release of Web And Say's sister web-site named Web 2.0 Generators. Web 2.0 generators' aim is to provide free tools, helpers and ressources for all your web development needs. Currently, you can use the HTML Encoder and Decoder tool which converts the non-html, non-escaped input and converts it to HTML, highly useful in various cases, and generate a .htpasswd login and password key pair for your Apache hosted web sites. So head on to Web 2.0 Generators for free tools to speed up web development.

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Add some DHTML to your OpenLaszlo exports

Ajaxian, Antun Karlovac and Raju Bitter report that the 4.1 version of OpenLaszlo has finally been released and can now generate DHTML in addition to the already existing SWF output format. The project started in March 2006 and took the team behind this free Adobe Flex competitor more than two years of development... but the wait was worth it !

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55 Free high quality Icon Sets

When the amazing Smashing Magazine won the Webinale Award 2008 with a price of 5000 €, they made a poll asking their loyal readers how they should spend this money. It turns out that we wanted more free stuff (who wouldn't ?) and free icons in particular. And they heard us by starting to provide more Icon related articles. Today they are providing a list of 55 Free High Quality Icon Sets and the least we can say is "great stuff guys"!

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