Add some DHTML to your OpenLaszlo exports

Ajaxian, Antun Karlovac and Raju Bitter report that the 4.1 version of OpenLaszlo has finally been released and can now generate DHTML in addition to the already existing SWF output format. The project started in March 2006 and took the team behind this free Adobe Flex competitor more than two years of development... but the wait was worth it !

OpenLaszlo is similar to Flex in the way it is able to generate a rich user interface SWF file out of an XML source code. You can now generate the same interface in DHTML without modifying the source code.

"OpenLaszlo 4.1 has been fully-qualified across the following browser/platform combinations: Safari3/OSX, Firefox2/OSX, Internet Explorer 7/WinXP, Firefox 2/WinXP, and Firefox 2/Linux. We have tested the full suite of demos, samplers, and example applications with the requirement that, when possible, DHTML applications behave the same as their SWF counterparts."

But that's not all, according to Antun's Blog: "The OpenLaszlo documentation has been fully revamped. The tools that generate the OpenLaszlo Reference have been rewritten, and a huge effort has gone into improving the reference’s quality and accuracy. Literally masses of documentation bugs have been addressed - almost 200 in the last week alone. The OpenLaszlo Application Developer’s Guide has been expanded, corrected and improved."

You can have a look at the LZPIX sample project exported as a Flash file, a DHTML page and its full source code.

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