Please wait till I finish my Favicon game

The web is an immense source of information. You can learn, read, listen or watch just about anything. But let's not forget what we, humans, tend to do on our free time: we love to play! We just play with everything: gazillions of games have been created, both material or immaterial such as computer games. Many devices have been exploited and engineered for the sole purpose of entertaining people. And just when you thought this should be enough, someone had the idea of putting a game in your Favicon. Brilliant!

That's right, Mathieu 'p01' Henri seems to have a lot of time and imagination... not to mention skills. He succeeded in creating what must be the first and only game which can be played on a web browser's Favicon: DEFENDER of the favicon.

"DEFENDER of the favicon was done in 3 nights, from start to finish. Each frame of the game is generated on the fly in JavaScript into a 16×16 canvas element, then converted to a 32bits PNG image and used in place of the favicon. The core of the game act as a state machine. Notice a few details such as the pause when this window is not focused, and the resuming and game over transitions.
Obviously since this little game makes use of canvas and the toDataURL method, it does not work in Internet Explorer, and Safari does not seem to support PNG favicons. Prefer Opera or FireFox, although FireFox 3 suffers from garbage collection hick ups when playing in the favicon."

I just got two questions now: when will we start comparing our score in the latest greatest Favicon game and when will we start reading reviews of Favicon games on GameSpot ?

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