Rails-Doc.org - A First Look

Fabio Cevasco is taking us on a tour of Rails-Doc.org which focuses on providing a better interface to Rails documentation by offering two key features : a powerful, fast and useful document search and the possibility to add notes to Rails documentation.
Rails is extremely powerful and I share Fabio's view when he says "When you decided to learn Ruby on Rails (if you did, that is), chances are that you bought a book. I did, too, actually: there are a lot of very interesting and fairly comprehensive books out there after all. I actually never bought a book to learn PHP, in the past though. Why’s that? Well, for two simple reasons: the PHP manual can easily be searched and provides enough documentation, in most cases and when the documentation is not enough, there’s always plenty of comments by experienced developers to save your day."

Rails-Doc.org provides a clear and clean interface to the Ruby on Rails' documentation with a search-as-you-type functionality as well as the obvious comments at the bottom of each page. And let's face it, this is what makes the PHP's documentation a great one!

Fabio provides an interview with Mikael Roos from Nodeta, the developers of Rails-Doc.org and finishes with the bottom line: "Rails-Doc.org is definitely an interesting project, which has all the potential to become a powerful, Rails-powered service. Sure, it’s not open source and this can be a bit of a letdown for some: but after all people flocked to GitHub when it opened, didn’t they? The search capabilities of Rails-Doc.org are definitely a very important step forward in making Rails documentation more accessible and easier to use, but the killer feature is definitely the possibility to add notes, if used wisely".

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